There are six picnic shelters for rent at the following locations:

(* please note that the shelter next to the Kiwanis Playground in Recreation Park is not available to rent)

Each shelter is offered at the following times: 8 - 12 noon or 1 - 5 pm at $50 per block of time per shelter.

Bi-Lo Picnic Shelter

BI-LO Picnic Shelter at Recreation Park

  • The cost is $50

Hazelwood Shelter

Hazelwood Park

  • The cost is $50
  • This only includes the shelter and not the field

East Street Shelter

East Street Park

  • The cost is $50

Vance Street Shelter

Vance Street Park

  • The cost is $50.

Obama-King Park Shelter

Obama-King Park Shelter

  • The cost is $50

Chestnut  Park Shelter

Chestnut Park Shelter

  • The cost is $50


For additional questions please call 828.456.2030.

Mailing address: Waynesville Parks and Recreation Department, 550 Vance Street, Waynesville, NC, 28786