Public Art Commission

To pursue a vision for community art, the Town of Waynesville Town Council created the Waynesville Public Art Commission in 2006. The Commission developed a mission statement that states “the goal of the Public Art Commission is “to engage the community and enrich public places through original art that celebrates Waynesville’s unique historic, cultural, natural and human resources.”

Starting from scratch, the group has developed documents including policies and procedures and proposals for projects. Each project officially begins with a call for artists, but before the call is posted on the town website, many details including topic, site, scope, schedule, cost, specifications and pertinent information for artists need to be defined.

After each call has been issued, fundraising efforts begin. All installations are supported by donations from the community. The Commission actively promotes public art activity and pursues donations of any amount. Fundraising events are planned as part of the on-going efforts of the Commission. 

The Public Arts Website can be found here.

Terms of Service

The Commission consists of nine members serving three (3) year terms with an appointment date of July 1. There is no residency requirement to serve on the Public Art Commission.


  • George Kenney (Chairman)
  • Steve Lloyd                                                                                 
  • Ashten McKinney
  • Douglas Garrett
  • Morgan Beryl
  • Vicki Mangieri
  • Sam McCarson
  • James Cuellar
  • Skip Middleton


Meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month at 4:00 p.m. n the Town Hall Board Room at 9 South Main Street. 

Planner Jesse Fowler serves as staff to the Public Art Commission, and may be reached at or (828) 456-8647. 

Meeting Minutes