Cemetery Committee

The Cemetery Committee was first developed as an adhoc board to address an issue related to a clean up in Green Hill Cemetery in 2018.   The Cemetery Committee was formalized by vote of the Board of Aldermen in February 2020.   

The Cemetery Committee shall serve as an advisory committee to the Board of Aldermen making recommendations regarding guidelines and procedures for the maintenance and upkeep of the Town's cemeteries.  It is the desire of the Town of Waynesville and the Cemetery Committee to operate and maintain cemeteries that are beautiful, dignified and an appropriate resting place for departed loved ones.  It is the Cemetery Committee's desire to offer as much freedom of choice as possible while preserving those regulations necessary to maintain a high standard of beauty and efficiency of maintenance. 

Terms of Service

The Cemetery Committee shall consist of five (5) members serving staggered terms for a maximum of three 3-year terms.  In order to properly stagger terms, the initial appointments of the committee were assigned as follows:  two members will serve a one-year term; two members will serve a two-year term and three members will serve a three-year term.  There is not residency requirement for the Cemetery Committee. 



The members of the Cemetery Committee were appointed for the first time at the July 28, 2020 meeting of the Board of Aldermen and the term assignments were done via draw.

  • Edwin Fish
  • Roy Pressley
  • Warren Putnam
  • William (Bill) Revis


The Committee will meet publicly a minimum four (4) times a year in January, March, July and October.   Meetings will be the third Tuesday at 2:00 p.m.  A change of the date and time of any posted meeting may be revised or canceled due to holidays, inclement weather, sickness or other factors. Members shall elect their own Chairman and Vice-Chairman at the first meeting in July or at the first meeting of each new term.


The minutes of the committee are posted on E-gov and can be accessed by the following link:  http://www.egovlink.com/waynesville/

Asset Services Manager Julie Grasty (jgrasty@waynesvillenc.gov) is the staff assigned to the Cemetery Committee.  She may be reached by dialing 828-456-3706.