Opening a Business in Waynesville

Most professions that have a state licensing requirement are exempt from the town's business license requirements, but there are exceptions, most notably taxicabs and businesses that sell alcohol.  Please contact the Finance Department at 828-456-3515 to confirm your individual requirements. Even if a business license is not needed, other requirements may need to be met.

Businesses are required to fill out a business license packet if the business:

  • is new and located within the town limits
  • is new and located outside town limits but will be doing business within the town
  • is existing but changing locations
  • is existing and changing ownership

Please click here to print the full business license packet.

Please Note: before a business license can be processed, businesses must receive the proper authorization and pass an inspection.  This is done through the Planning & Development Office located at 9 S. Main Street. You may contact them by calling 828-356-1172.

Business License

Business Licenses run from July 1st to June 30th.  Every July, after the end of our fiscal year, the Town will send out a business license packet to all existing businesses.  You will complete the necessary forms and return them to the Finance Department.