The Town of Waynesville real estate and personal property taxes are billed annually in September and due the first week of January. Tax amounts are based on Haywood County's value assessment of the property and calculated using the tax rate as it is established by the Town Manager, Board of Alderman, and Tax Collector.

All residents that live within the Town of Waynesville city limits, own property, or own a business inside city limits are required to pay taxes.  Tax bills are sent to the property owner as of January 1st of the tax year.  If you have sold the real property assessed to you, please notify the new owner of any unpaid taxes. Taxes are advertised in the name of the current taxpayer as of January 6th.

The Town's current tax rate is 43.92 cents per $100.00.  (to calculate your town taxes, multiply the property's assessed value by .004392)

The Town does not assess properties or maintain property records.  For information on your property's assessed value, late penalties, or exemptions please contact Haywood County Tax Assessor's office at 828-452-6734.

The Town of Waynesville does not issue or process vehicle taxes.

Paying Taxes

  • Payments can be made by Credit/Debit card online.  The following fees apply to online payments:
    • Credit:  2.95% w/ $1.00 minimum
    • Debit:   1.95% w/ $1.00 minimum
  • Bills may be paid with check, money order, or cash in the office or drive-thru window
    • Cards are not accepted at the office
  • Drop Boxes are located at 280 Georgia Avenue and 16 South Main Street
    • Check or money order is accepted
    • Payments are picked up weekday mornings by 9:00 AM – payments placed in the drop boxes after pick up are considered paid the next business day
  • Payments can be sent by mail to P.O. Box 100, Waynesville, NC, 28786


Delinquent Taxes

Unpaid taxes as of January 6th will be subject to 2% interest and 3/4% interest per month thereafter. A second notice of taxes due will be sent in February.  Taxes that are still unpaid in March will be advertised in the newspaper, The Mountaineer.


Payment arrangements may be made through the Finance Department by calling 828-456-3515. 

Municipal Service District

To view a map of the Downtown Waynesville Municipal Service District, click here.