Waynesville Kiwanis Spring Fling

Mission Statement

To promote quality recreation opportunities for all citizens of the greater Waynesville area by providing indoor and outdoor facilities and activities and to be a resource for those who seek to improve their quality of life through recreation.

Vision Statement

The vision for the Waynesville Parks and Recreation Department is to be the natural leader in promoting community health and well-being through fun, progressive and memorable parks and recreation experiences and activities for everyone by:

Providing safe, well-designed and maintained facilities

Providing broad-based programs and services

Maximizing community resources

Waynesville Parks & Recreation Department Goals for FY 21-22 (July 1, 2022 - June 30, 2023)

Host more seasonal & creative events for families. 

  • Objective #1 - Host events that coincide with holiday seasons. 

  • Objective #2 - Create events that have a theme behind them (i.e. movie characters, tv shows, etc). Book companies that specialize in this.

Increase attendance, revenue, programs and rentals to pre-pandemic numbers

  • Objective #1 - Increase staffing 30 - 50%.
  • Objective #2 - Use new technologies to aid and assist in coordinating, booking and advertising for programs and events.

Expand greenway

  • Objective #1 - Link WRC to neighborhoods, community facilities, parks and waterfront areas by adding 25% more trails.

  • Objective #2 - Increase the numbers of users on the greenway by 25% 

Develop staff, train and support a professional department

  • Objective #1 - Encourage teamwork through communications and meetings.

  • Objective #2 - Provide staff with ongoing education, training and modern equipment to increase productivity.