Waynesville Kiwanis Spring Fling

Mission Statement

To promote quality recreation opportunities for all citizens of the greater Waynesville area by providing indoor and outdoor facilities and activities and to be a resource for those who seek to improve their quality of life through recreation.

Vision Statement

The vision for the Waynesville Parks and Recreation Department is to be the natural leader in promoting community health and well-being through fun, progressive and memorable parks and recreation experiences and activities for everyone by:

Providing safe, well-designed and maintained facilities

Providing broad-based programs and services

Maximizing community resources

Waynesville Parks & Recreation Department Goals for FY 21-22 (July 1, 2021 - June 30, 2022)

Continue to monitor, develop and expand programs

  • Objective #1 - Create 3 new youth programs (Waynesville Recreation Center and Old Armory)

  • Objective #2 - Expand weight room

  • Objective #3 - Develop stronger end user surveys and create way to follow up with these surveys

Continue to work towards better preventative maintenance plan and maintenance standards

  • Objective #1 - Operate under a maintenance plan and communicate the maintenance plan based on preventative needs

  • Objective #2 - Checklist

  • Objective #3 - More cameras to monitor destructive behavior

Increase park beautification

  • Objective #1 - Add one lighted sign on the outside that can be seen from the road

  • Objective #2 - Standardize signage

  • Objective #3 - Pave BI-LO parking lot (tie)

  • Objective #4 - Increase our volunteer management by having a wish list of items for volunteer groups to help with implementing (tie)

Increase community events

  • Objective #1 - Create two family friendly events 

  • Objective #2 - Build one stage in park

  • Objective #3 - Have one summer festival at the Waynesville Recreation Center

Continue to improve staff training & development

  • Objective #1 - Ensure staff in-service training is done quarterly in each division

  • Objective #2 - Increase in-service trainings staff wide by 50%

  • Objective #3 - Offer two customer service training programs