Stretch & Walk: Total body stretch & strengthen for tone and balance

Stretch & Walk Advanced: Twice as much total body stretch & strengthen for tone and balance

Deep Water Aerobics: Traveling pool length with lots of cardio movement

Silver Sneakers Yoga: Seated and standing poses and stretches

Aqua Motion: Cardio constant movement

Zumba Gold: Modified Zumba with lower intensity

Spin Class: Intense training with short recovery periods

Zumba: Latin American dance movement, fast paced

Aqua Tabata Aerobics: Cardio constant movement

Silver Sneakers Circuit: Standing cardio using bands, balls weights and chair

Silver Sneakers Splash: Limited range of motion, low impact aerobics

Zumba Basic: Faster than gold Zumba

Silver Sneakers Classic: Limited motion chair exercises, weights, balls, and bands

Laura’s Interval Training: Fast aerobic exercise

Judo: The Olympic Sport

Somatics : Simple, safe exercises to improve posture, mobility and brain function, making life easier and more enjoyable! (mats are not provided)

Spin Class: New Keiser M3i bikes are here! This is a climb & intervals class set to music with customizable intensity so everyone can enjoy a great workout.  Class will last about an hour with safety, warm-up, and cool-down. 

Mindful Movement: Alignment based yoga for strength, flexibility (physical & mental) coordination, balance, and overall well-being. Mats are not provided.



Fitness Class Schedule