Meetings and Minutes:

  1. ​​​Minutes from January 23, 2023 meeting
  2. Minutes from February 7, 2023 meeting
  3. Minutes from March 16, 2023 meeting 
  4. Next Meeting: April 13, 2023- 10 am


Research and Articles:

Railroad Study Initiation - Planning Board (8/16/21)

Railroad Corridor Overlay Study: Click here to find out more

The railroad goes through 11 of 30 zoning districts in Waynesville:

  1. Central Business District (CBD)
  2. Hazelwood Business District (H-BD)
  3. Commercial Industrial (CI)
  4. Raccoon Creek Neighborhood Residential (RC-NR)
  5. Walnut Street Neighborhood Residential (WS-NR)
  6. Main Street Neighborhood Residential (MS-NR)
  7. Hyatt Creek Regional Center (HC-RC)
  8. South Waynesville Residential Medium Density (SW-RM)
  9. Howell Mill Residential Medium Density (HM-RM)
  10. East Waynesville Urban Residential (EW-UR)
  11. Hazelwood Urban Residential (H-UR)

Article: Land Use Regulation and the Railroads: Who is in Charge? by Diane Whitney with the Connecticut Law Tribune.

Article: Student Corner: Off the Tracks: Development and the Railroad Rights-of-Way in North Carolina? by the UNC School of Government.

Study: Preserving and Protecting Freight Infrastructure and Routes by the National Cooperative Freight Research Program


  1. Potential Study Areas: Link to the maps
  2. Potential Study Areas 2023: Link to the maps
  3. Historic Right of Way Track Map in Waynesville: Link to the map
  4. Historic Right of Way Track Map in Hazelwood: Link to the map
  5. Historic Right of Way Track Map in Hazelwood Close Up: Link to the map
  6. Railroad in Waynesville by the NC DOT Rail Division: Link to the map 
  7. Railroad Facts in Waynesville, NC: Link to the Power Point