Meetings and Minutes:

  1. ​​​Minutes from January 23, 2023 meeting
  2. Minutes from February 7, 2023 meeting
  3. Minutes from March 16, 2023 meeting 
  4. Minutes from April 13, 2023 meeting
  5. Minutes from May 19, 2023 meeting


Research and Articles:

Railroad Study Initiation - Planning Board (8/16/21)

Railroad Corridor Overlay Study: Click here to find out more

The railroad goes through 11 of 30 zoning districts in Waynesville:

  1. Central Business District (CBD)
  2. Hazelwood Business District (H-BD)
  3. Commercial Industrial (CI)
  4. Raccoon Creek Neighborhood Residential (RC-NR)
  5. Walnut Street Neighborhood Residential (WS-NR)
  6. Main Street Neighborhood Residential (MS-NR)
  7. Hyatt Creek Regional Center (HC-RC)
  8. South Waynesville Residential Medium Density (SW-RM)
  9. Howell Mill Residential Medium Density (HM-RM)
  10. East Waynesville Urban Residential (EW-UR)
  11. Hazelwood Urban Residential (H-UR)

Article: Land Use Regulation and the Railroads: Who is in Charge? by Diane Whitney with the Connecticut Law Tribune.

Article: Student Corner: Off the Tracks: Development and the Railroad Rights-of-Way in North Carolina? by the UNC School of Government.

Study: Preserving and Protecting Freight Infrastructure and Routes by the National Cooperative Freight Research Program


  1. Proposed Railroad Districts: Link to the map
  2. Potential Study Areas: Link to the maps
  3. Potential Study Areas 2023: Link to the maps
  4. Historic Right of Way Track Map in Waynesville: Link to the map
  5. Historic Right of Way Track Map in Hazelwood: Link to the map
  6. Historic Right of Way Track Map in Hazelwood Close Up: Link to the map
  7. Railroad in Waynesville by the NC DOT Rail Division: Link to the map 
  8. Railroad Facts in Waynesville, NC: Link to the Power Point