The Code Enforcement Division works to preserve the general welfare, safety, and sanitary standards for Waynesville's citizens, neighborhoods, and businesses through the enforcement of town ordinances and state statutes on a variety of issues within the corporate limits of Waynesville. 

Please refer to the Code Enforcement Brochure for the most common code violations. 

Click here to see the Code Enforcement Map (January 4, 2023). The map is updated periodically. 

To report an issue or file a complaint you are not required to identify yourself, but you must provide specific information for inspectors to investigate, including address or location of an issue and suspected violations. 

  • Phone: for code enforcement issues and complaints, call Development Services Department at 828-456-8647 between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.
  • Email: David Kelley, Senior Code Enforcement Official
  • In-person: visit the Development Services Department, 9 South Main Street, Suite 110, Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
  • All other issues or suggestions may be reported online 24/7 through Action Line. A tracking number will be assigned which will allow you to track the status of your request online.

An Inspector will investigate complaints by visiting the property or location to make an inspection.  If a violation (or multiple violations) is discovered, Town and State Ordinances enforcement procedures are undertaken.  Violations are the responsibility of the property owner/landlord, not the tenant.  If a violation is not corrected within the specified amount of time, civil penalties and/or property liens may be initiated.

Common Issues (with Town ordinance citation)

Grass and Weed Overgrowth (Section 26.51)

No owner, lessee, possessor or occupant of any property situated in the Town and within 50 feet of another person's property occupied as a residence or business shall allow or maintain on any such property any growth of weeds and/or grass to a height of over ten (10) inches.

Accumulation of Solid Waste (Section 44.2)

No person may cause, suffer or permit refuse to accumulate or remain on premises under his control except for collection by the Town or some other licensed refuse hauler. It shall be the duty of all owners, proprietors, or persons in charge of every business of every kind and description, and of every office, private residence, and all other buildings or premises to keep such free from all refuse, building materials, bulky items, hazardous waste and industrial waste.

Junked and Abandoned Motor Vehicles (Section 26.126)

It shall be the duty and responsibility of the owner of any abandoned or junked motor vehicle to cause its removal immediately and to pay all cost incident to the removal. It shall be unlawful for any person to allow a motor vehicle owned by him to remain after notice has been given to such person to have the vehicle removed.

Housing and Building Related Violations (Section 38)

A complaint form with five signatures from Waynesville citizens that can verify the violation(s).

Condemnation of Unsafe Buildings (Section 10-157)

A building inspector may find that a structure is unsafe for habitation and not issue, or revoke, a Certificate of Occupancy until repairs are made and the building is compliant.  An inspector may also determine that a structure creates a public hazard and may condemn the property pursuant to State Statutes and the NC Building Code.