The Town of Waynesville's Draft 2035 Comprehensive Land Use Plan can be found through the link below.

Comprehensive Land Use Plan Cover Letter

Draft Waynesville 2035 Comprehensive Land Use Plan 

After reviewing the Draft Waynesville 2035 Comprehensive Land Use Plan we would appreciate your feedback. Please use the following link to provide your public comment on the draft plan thus far:

Current Comprehensive Land Development Plan

Land Development Standards

The Project

The Town of Waynesville is updating the 2002 Waynesville: Our Heritage, Our Future 2020 Land Development Plan.   The project presents an opportunity for residents, business owners, and other stakeholders to have a say in the Town's future growth, development, and quality of life.  An effective Land Development Plan and Future Land Use Map will implement a vision for growth and conservation for the community and will reflect Waynesville's unique identity and goals as a community. 

The Plan includes community demographics and existing conditions, establish goals, and create strategies relevant to land use, economic development, housing, transportation, utilities, natural resources, recreation, and more.

As of March 2020, we have compiled the comments from the public and the Planning Board into a draft document. We encourage even more input in the coming month.


What is a Land Development Plan and Why do we need one?

Community Information

Project Background

Community Profile


Historic Resources 





The Steering Committee

The following individuals committed to be on the project Steering Committee. We are excited to have diverse representation from the community.

Steering Committee Members


Email/ Call Us

Elizabeth Teague, Town of Waynesville Development Services Director 828-456-2004

Jesse Fowler, Town of Waynesville Planner 828-356-1172

Image removed.Jake Petrosky, Project Manager, Stewart, Inc. 919-866-4812

Chipley Consulting  

J.M. Teague Engineering and Planning