The following research on Cryptocurrency Mining / Data Centers is intended for the Planning Board Discussion:


  1. CNN Video + Article “How the blare of a crypto mine woke up this Blue Ridge Mountain town:

  1. Cherokee County Crypto Mining Petition & Information:

  1. Haywood County: working on adding crypto mining in their High Impact Development Ordinance: setbacks, buffers, screening, separation from schools, hospitals, retirement facilities, correctional institutions, etc.

  1. Minutes from the Henderson County Board of Commissioners meeting on May 1, 2023. See page 6 of the document. A 60-day moratorium imposed, additional regulations to follow:

  1. Buncombe County- Commissioners Approve Moratorium on Crypto Mining:,mining%20as%20a%20specific%20use

  1. Jackson County: cryptocurrency mining is included in the Industrial Development Ordinance. See page 3 of the document or read their Code of Ordinances online:

  1. Macon County addresses cryptocurrency mining:

  1. Clay County prohibits crypto mining after the Cherokee County’s situation:

  1. Fletcher, NC: Planning Board defined the use on June 20, 2023, and as of now, it is not allowed.


  1. Maggie Valley, NC- not addressed yet, but talked about it.