As summer heats up, Waynesville’s downtown area becomes a hot spot for locals and visitors. This means that parking on Main Street can be limited. But did you know there are several parking options (all of them free!) located a short walk from Main Street?

  • The parking garage located behind the courthouse (143 Branner Ave) is free and accessible to North Main Street shops and restaurants, as well as Frog Level. This parking deck can be accessed via Branner Avenue, just one block from Main Street. An added bonus is the parking deck’s top level offers an incredible view of Waynesville!
  • There are several parking lots located near the center of Main Street. One lot is located on Miller Street. As you’re heading South on Main Street, make a right onto Miller Street and the parking is located on either side of the road. use caution, as this road is a one way and has lots of foot traffic. (please see the red box located in the center, right side of the map)
  • The parking lot located across the street from the Miller Street parking area can be accessed via N. Haywood Street. This parking area has public restrooms as well as an Electric Vehicle charging station. (please see the red box located on the upper left side of the map)
  • Recently, the Town opened up a new public parking lot, located on the corner of Church Street and N. Haywood Street. (the red box at the bottom left corner of the map)
  • Wall Street, the road running parallel to Main Street, has many different parking areas that are free and open to the public. Just make sure you’re not accidentally parking in a “Loading Zone” or “Resident Only Parking”.

Click here to view a map of the parking areas in downtown Waynesville.