The Tanner Valuation Group has contracted with Haywood County to conduct the upcoming 2021 County Wide Reappraisal.  They have staff  visiting each property in Waynesville to verify the improvement characteristics of all the properties such as exterior measurements, exterior material, additions and outbuildings, etc…. to make sure each property owners tax record is correct.  Field workers associated with the Haywood County Tax Office will be visiting each property to verify information about the property. 
Staff working in Waynesville performing this field work, all will be in vehicles with magnetic placards labeled “Reappraisal Project”, all will be wearing safety vest either in bright yellow or bright orange, and all will have an Haywood Identification badge with photo. This work will continue through the end of this year and each property will be visited.   

Questions may be addressed to the Haywood County Tax Office at 828-452-6734.