October 2, 2020

Town of Waynesville will return to standard utility billing and payment practices beginning November 2nd, 2020, which means customers in arrears and not participating in a payment plan will receive notices about their past due balances and the earliest possible date their service could be interrupted.

Customers are eligible for a payment plan to catch up on utility costs accrued during the effective dates of Governor Roy Cooper’s executive orders - March 31st – July 29th, 2020. If a payment plan has not already been requested, please contact the Finance Office at 828-456-3515 to enroll in a payment plan and avoid disconnection of service.

We know that many in our community have been negatively impacted during this pandemic. We encourage our customers needing financial support during this time to reach out to Haywood County Health and Human Services and local charities that offer utility bill assistance.

For additional assistance or to schedule an appointment with a customer service representative, please contact the Finance Office at 828-456-3515.

July 31, 2020

Under the Governor's order, utility disconnections were suspended between March 31, 2020 and July 31, 2020.  Starting August 1, individuals with delinquent accounts will receive letters to inform them of their total balance and encourage payment plan.   The payment plans will be spread across six months.  Disconnections that were scheduled for delinquent accounts prior to March 31, 2020 may continue if payment arrangements are not made. 

State Law does not permit the Town to waive utility charges, late fees or penalties. However, per Governor Roy Cooper's Executive Order 124 effective March 31, 2020, fees associated with disconnect or reconnect are to be waived by the utility and cannot be added as part of the billed amount for accounts.  The bill only reflects the usage by the customer.  

Inquires related to payment plans can be made by calling the Finance Office at 828-456-3515.