The Town of Waynesville has one vacancy on the Planning Board with a term ending June 30th, 2024.  Applicants must reside within Waynesville Town limits.  

The Planning Board is established to advise the Town Council on matters related to land use and community development.  The Planning Board shall be governed by the terms of North Carolina General Statute 160A-360 through 160A-387 and by the terms of the Town of Waynesville’s Land Development Standards and Code of Ordinances Section 14.3 through 14.3.2.  The Planning Board shall:

  1.  Perform studies and surveys of the present conditions and probable future development of the town and its environs, including but not limited to, studies and surveys of land uses, population, traffic, parking, expansions of extraterritorial jurisdiction, etc.
  2. Formulate and recommend to the Town Council the adoption and amendment of a Land Development Plan and other plans as necessary.
  3. Conduct annexation feasibility studies and recommend suitable areas of annexation to the Town Council
  4. Review Land Development Standards (LDS) – the Planning Board shall review and make recommendations regarding the following permit types:
    1. Text Amendments
    2. Map Amendments/Rezoning
    3. Conditional District
    4. Vested Right
  5. Land Development Standards Decisions – the Planning Board shall render final decisions regarding the following permit types
    1. Site Plans/Design Review
    2. Subdivision (Major) – Preliminary Plat
    3. Special Use Permits
  6. The Planning Board shall also have any additional powers and duties as may be set forth for in other laws and regulations or at the direction of the Town Council.
  7. Promote public interest in and an understanding of its recommendations, and to that end may publish and distribute copies of its recommendations and may employ other means of publicity and education where appropriate.

The Planning Board meets on the third Monday of each month at 5:30pm.  Applications can be found here.  Please submit applications to the Town Clerk at or it can be mailed to PO Box 100 Waynesville, NC 28786 or dropped off in person at 16 S. Main Street, Waynesville.