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Tips to prepare for adverse weather and possible flooding

  • Be aware of potential hazards around your home, work place, and travel paths.
  • Stay away from flooding water.
  • Be prepared for extended periods of power outages. Do not call 911 for power outages only for emergencies.
  • The majority of fatalities associated with flash flooding are due to attempting to drive through standing water. Even shallow moving water can make tires a floatation device. 2 feet of water can float a 3000 lb car.
  • Be extra cautious at night when it is harder to see flood dangers.
  • Never walk through floodwaters; even 6 inches of rushing can sweep you away.
  • Make a safety kit that contains a flashlight and extra batteries, battery powered weather radio, extra food, and water, first aid supplies, canned food and a can opener, water (three gallons per person).

For utility outages call 828-456-3706. After hours and on weekends call 828-456-5363.


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