The Town of Waynesville Board of Aldermen will be continuing a public hearing on Tuesday, December 13, 2016 beginning at 6:30 p.m. or as closely thereafter as possible in the Town Hall Board Room located at 9 South Main Street, Waynesville.   The purpose of the public hearing is to consider an amendment of the Town of Waynesville Cemetery Ordinance. 

Interested persons are encouraged to attend these public hearings and be heard.  For more information please contact Amie Owens, Town Clerk at 828.452.2491 or via email at

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Although the water situation in the area seems to be improving thanks to the recent rains the Town of Waynesville Water Treatment staff discovered another unintended side effect of the low water levels.  Water clarity with some slight discoloration has been noted at several reporting locations.  The water has been tested and is well within the state defined drinking water standards.  There is no danger to those who consume or use the water. 

The discolored water is being caused by an imbalance in phosphate levels, which resulted from the lower than normal reservoir and the use of water from greater depths.  The Town of Waynesville is making some minor pH adjustments to balance the water.  This should alleviate the discoloration and cloudiness noted.  This balancing should take no more than two days and customers should see improvement in water clarity within that time frame.   

The Town of Waynesville remains under voluntary water restrictions and appreciates its customers’ continued conservation of this precious resource.      

Questions may be directed to the Public Services Department at 828-456-3706.


The Town of Waynesville has been closely monitoring the water levels in its reservoir and has an approved Water Shortage Response Plan.  Due to the extended length of the drought conditions, the Town is now enacting Level I, Voluntary Reductions, under the plan.  All water customers are asked to reduce their normal water use by 5% in comparison to their average usage.  Some ways to conserve water include: not watering your lawn or landscaping; refraining from washing cars and using water to clean driveways or streets; washing only full loads of clothes and dishes and identifying and repairing all water leaks.

The Town of Waynesville sincerely appreciates its customers’ conservation of this precious resource.  At this time, the restrictions are voluntary but we hope all will do their part to help us stay at this level.   Town staff will monitor water levels daily and will provide updates to any restrictions as necessary. 

Questions may be directed to the Public Services Department at 828-456-3706.



Effective immediately all open burning is prohibited in the entirety of Haywood County including in the towns of Canton, Clyde, Maggie Valley and Waynesville.  This open burning ban was issued by Haywood County on November 7, 2016.  This ban includes ALL open burning including burning of leaves, recreational fires, bonfires and the use of outdoor fireplaces.  Any permits that were previously issued are now void.

Because of conditions of drought and low humidity, the situation in the county is dangerous for any open burning.  Under current weather conditions brush fires spread faster, are harder to contain, and are far more dangerous than usual and can have the potential to cause large property loss. 

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