Opening A Business

Is your business located within the town limits?

If Yes, You Must:

  • Receive a Zoning Compliance Form.  For more information call Byron Hickox, Land Use Administrator at 828-452-0401.
  • Pass a fire inspection. The inspection fee is $50, and may be scheduled with the Building Inspectors in the Development Office at 828-456-8647.
  • If you are making any renovations to an existing building or constructing a new one, you must also see the Building Inspector to get the necessary building permits and inspections.
  • Apply for utility service at the Hazelwood Office. Depending on your credit history you may be required to give a commercial deposit of $200 for electric service and $40 for water and sewer service. For more information call 828-456-3515.
  • Contact the Tax Collector to discuss a business license application at the Finance Department (Hazelwood Office). The application must be turned in at the Finance Office. For more information call James Robertson at 828-452-3588.          Most, but not all, professions that have a state licensing requirement are exempt from the Town’s business license requirement. There are exceptions, most notably Contractors. Please contact the Finance Department to confirm your individual requirements. Even if a business license is not needed, the other requirements must still be met.

>>All of the above MUST be completed before a business license can be issued. <<


If your business is not located within the Town limits but you will be doing business within the Town there are fewer requirements:

Fill out a business license application. The fee varies depending on the type of business. The application and fee must be turned in at the Hazelwood Office. For more information call 828-452-3588.

*Exception: Taxi companies which pick up fares within the Town limits must also register with the Waynesville Police Department and conform to the Taxi Cab Ordinance. Please call 828-456-5363 for more information.