WATER SERVICE INTERRUPTION The Town of Waynesville Water Maintenance Department will interrupt water service in the area near the Frog Level bridge today, Sunday May 1 for a line repair. The support hanger that was supporting the water line under the Frog Level bridge has given way. Water service will be interrupted for several hours for some in the immediate area of the line break. Water services will be restored as soon as possible. Outages should be kept to a minimum due to the valves installed during a previous outage. Staff will be working on the line throughout the evening. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Waynesville Water  - No Worries Here

A recent Asheville Citizen Times story is raising concerns with it's headline, "Is your water safe to drink".  With such a sensational headline, some Waynesville water customers have called with concerns and inquiries regarding additional lead testing.  To reiterate a  point that was minimally touched on in their story; Waynesville has exceptionally high water quality, and Waynesville's water quality staff have absolutely no concerns about lead poisoning from Town water lines.  Specifically, as recently as 2014, Waynesville commissioned a water study by Martin McGill Associates.  In their study, Martin McGill found no lead water lines exist in the Waynesville municipal water system.  To restate; there are no known lead lines within the Waynesville water system.


The Asheville Citizen Times story correctly stated that municipal water systems participate in federally mandated lead testing; however, that is only part of the story.  The primary reason lead testing is required is that infiltration concerns exist from private home and business plumbing, whose water line materials and parts are suspect (or even unknown) and may indeed contain lead.  The lead testing is designed to provide a buffer and safeguard between Waynesville water customers and these suspect private water lines.  Waynesville has additional mechanisms to provide further safeguards to our water customers.


What didn't make the Asheville Citizen Times story is that every single water line in the Town of Waynesville water system is tested to ensure it is safe to drink before it is ever connected to a customer’s home or business.  This testing is completed by certified staff separate and above from the staff completing the water line repair or installation work.  Additionally, the Town of Waynesville requires backflow prevention devices, and private certification statements on installed devices designed to prevent private water from back flowing into the Waynesville water system.  These additional measures are intended to safeguard the Town system from smaller private home and business plumbing that the Town may not have much knowledge of.


If Waynesville water customers have water quality concerns, please contact the Waynesville Public Services Department at 456-3706.  We will gladly test the water quality to ensure the clean water we produce is what's reaching our customers.  If citizens would like some additional reassurances regarding lead or other testing of their private water lines; Town staff can provide contact information for services who will perform the private testing for them.


The Town of Waynesville has some of the highest quality water in the entire nation, and we're committed to addressing any anxieties regarding water quality (real or perceived) that may cause Waynesville customers concern.

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The Waynesville Historic Preservation Commission presents Ann Melton Discussing Waynesville’s Historic Boarding Houses and Inns

 4:00pm at the Town Board Room, 9 S. Main Street

The Town of Waynesville Historic Preservation Commission will host Ann Melton speaking on her research and recent book entitled, “Waynesville’s Early Hotels and Boardinghouses.”  Dr. Ann Melton retired as Superintendent of Madison County Schools, has a PhD from the University South Carolina, and has written 8 books on Waynesville and  Haywood County history.  This program is part of the Commission’s “Haywood Ramblings” series to share stories about the rich history of Haywood County and Waynesville. The Historic Preservation Commission is a board of volunteers who are appointed by the Waynesville Aldermen and tasked with identifying and preserving the historic resources of Waynesville.  The Commission also works to promote public understanding and appreciation of those resources through educational events.

If you have any questions, please contact the Town Development Services Department at (828) 456-2004.   


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