Child Care at the Waynesville Recreation Center is available from Monday through Thursday from 9 to 11:30 am:

  • Reservations receive priority.
  • This is for ages six months to 7 years of age.
  • FREE to members of the Waynesville Recreation Center or $6 per child per hour for non-members.
  • To make reservations please call the Waynesville Recreation Center at 828.456.2030.


  • Late fees will accrue starting at $1.00 for each minute after the child care closing time.  Late fees must be paid before the child can return to the program. 
  • Sick Policy:  Please do not bring your child into Child Care if she/he is sick.  If a child appears sick to the discretion of the staff they will not be admitted into Child Care.  Including the symptoms of cough, mucus coming from nose, eyes and/or ears, fever (must be clear for 24 hours before coming), vomiting (must be clear for 24 hours before coming), diarrhea (must be clear for 24 hours before coming), any type of rash
  • There is a child care nursery section for infants and children taking naps.  There is a child care section for children ages 6 mo-7 years. 
  • Children checked in to the child care/youth center must remain therein until a parent releases them
  • Behavioral Issues: If youth can not be comforted by staff within 15 minutes then parent will be paged.  If misbehavior occurs child will receive a verbal warning, next they will be put on time out, and the third time the misbehavior occurs the parent will be paged and must pick up their child.
  • Each person desiring to use the child care center will be issued a child care token at the front desk.  The  token indicates that the front desk has looked them up on the computer to ensure that they are indeed a member or accepted money if they are not a member.  Clients shall bring token or a receipt to the child care worker for collection.  Child care worker will not accept clients without a receipt or token.
  • Receipt for payment will be put in the youth program supervisor’s box by child care worker after shift.
  • Clients will fill out release form/waiver/info sheet for each child which shall remain on file in the CC room. Child care worker will verify that each child has said form each time child comes in.
  • Each time a client uses the child care center they will sign in and out child, printing full parent name legibly.  Adults dropping children off/picking child up must be authorized by child’s guardian.
  • Child Care is to be used ONLY when the parent/guardian is using the facility
  • Ratio Chart:  These ratios come from the NC Child Care Law and Rules and will be used at the Waynesville Recreation Center: RESERVATIONS ARE RECOMMENDED FOR INFANTS UNDER ONE YEAR-CALL 456-2030.