The Planning Board makes studies of areas, prepares plans, develops policies, ordinances and administrative procedures, making recommendations to the Board of Aldermen and/or Board of Adjustment regarding these issues. 

Terms of Service

Five members are appointed by the Town and four members are appointed by Haywood County. Terms of appointment are for three (3) years with an appointment date of July 1.   Seven (7) members are residents of the Town with two (2) representatives from the extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ).


Patrick McDowell - Chairman                                           Susan Teas Smith

H.P. Dykes, Jr.                                                                  Ginger Hain

Robert Herrmann                                                              Pratik Shah                                                                 

Marty Prevost                                                                   Jason Rogers                                                              

Anthony Sutton



Meetings are on the third Monday of each month at 5:30 p.m. in the Town Hall Board Room located at 9 South Main Street in Waynesville. 

The Development Services Director staffs the Planning Board, and may be reached at (828) 456-2004  

Meeting Minutes 

Minutes of the Planning Board Meetings are available here.