Waynesville Judo Club Claims 10 medals at South Carolina State Championships

Posted by RLangston Wednesday, May 10, 2017 11:11:00 AM

The Waynesville Judo Club recently had 10 members travel to Charleston, SC for the South Carolina State Championships. The club earned 10 medals in all.


The gold medal winners were Braden Riggs, Ace Rogers, Trevor Daly, and Logan Grasty. The silver medal winners were Kendrick Roach and David Daly. The bronze medal winners were Logan Norman, Logan Grasty, Danny Norman, and Daniel Vaughn. Joka Daly also played well and missed the medal round by one match.    


The Waynesville Judo Club has been busy last few weeks. The club had a round of promotions last month. Andy Rickman earned his white/yellow belt and Daniel Vaughn advanced to his yellow belt. Logan Grasty, Logan Norman, Trevor Daly and Kendrick Roach all earned orange/green. Braden Riggs earned his brown belt while Danny Norman advanced to his next level of brown. All ranks are certified through USA JUDO. The belt promotions take lots of time, training, and studying. Sensei Riggs and Hansen are proud of all their hard work and dedication.


The club also just finished its 10th annual BBQ fundraiser. The fundraiser helps support and sponsor kids at tournaments and judo camp. The club would like to thank all that contributed to the fundraiser.


The club is co-sponsored by the Waynesville Parks and Recreation Department and practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4-5:30 pm. This is for all children age 4 and up. Male and female are welcome.


For more info contact Sensei Jimmy Riggs at 506-0327.