Understanding your Bill

The codes on your monthly utility bill can look mysterious, especially if you receive many services from the Town. Below is a simple explanation of the various rate codes you might see on your bill.

Fees are set annually as part of the Town’s budget process. The full fee schedule is available here.

Utility Bills Decoded

WA Water service
SW Sewer service
FL Fire Line
PU Pump Fee
CO Connection/Service Fee
FP Fire Protection - Billed to all water accounts located outside the city limits, unless the area has been designated as a fire district subject to a tax imposed by Haywood County.
EL Electric Service
DE Demand Service - Demand meters are placed on all commercial accounts with an actual or anticipated 12 month average consumption of at least 5,000 kWh per month.
TX  Sales Tax - only on Electricity
RN Renewable Energy Portfolio Charge - A pass-through charge from the Town’s power supplier. In 2007, the North Carolina General Assembly passed legislation that requires utility companies to develop an increasing supply of alternative energy resources, with 3% of their total supply coming from renewable by 2013 and 12% from renewable by 2021. Utility companies are charging their customers to recover the cost of the renewable energy they purchase. In turn the Town is passing along these costs to its customers.
L Security Light
GF Residential Garbage Service
CF Commercial Garbage Service
LDF Leased Dumpster Fee
H H.E.A.T. Donation - Heat and Energy Assistance Team - a voluntary program to assist those in need with their home heating costs. Donations may be made in any amount.
P NC Green Power Donation - a voluntary program to support the development of green energy in North Carolina. Donations may be made in any increment of $4.
MI Miscellaneous
C Commercial Account
I Industrial Account
R Residential Account
I Inside city-limits
O Outside city-limits



Our Billing Process

The Town of Waynesville is organized into various sections based on location, each with their own billing cycle, which determines when a meter is read, and usage is calculated and billed.  Billing cycles cannot be changed. A typical billing cycle is 28-30 days.  All utilities are billed monthly.  Failure to receive a bill does not relieve customers of payment, including penalties.

Payment is due exactly 25 days after being billed.  If a bill is not paid in full within 25 days; on the 26th day, a 1% late penalty will automatically be applied and a final notice will be sent reflecting this penalty.  The final notice gives the customer an additional 10 days for the bill to be paid.  Failure to pay the bill within those 10 days will result in a disconnection notice.

Within those 10 days, the meter will be read again for the current month’s billing cycle.  A bill will be sent reflecting past due charges (if the previous bill is unpaid) and current charges.  The due date on the new bill pertains to the current charges only.  Past due charges included on this bill are still subject to penalty fees and disconnection.

Disconnection notices are hand delivered to the service address and require that payment be made by 5:00 PM the day of delivery. A $25.00 charge is applied to the delinquent account at that time.  Failure to pay the bill by 5:00 PM will result in disconnection.  In order to re-establish services following disconnection, the account must be paid in full including past due and current charges.

If an account is not paid within 10-14 days after disconnection and no attempt has been made to pay, the account will be made inactive.  In order to re-establish services following inactivation, customers must pay the account in full plus a new deposit, as well as submit a new application and lease agreement.

Bills due on a weekend or holiday are payable on the following business day.

Example of Billing Process

5-14-13            Meter is read to determine usage since last reading and calculate cost

5-15-13            Bill is mailed

6-08-13            Bill is due

6-09-13            1% penalty is applied and final notice is mailed

6-14-13            Meter is read to determine usage since 5-14-13 and calculate cost

6-15-13            Bill is mailed reflecting past due charges and current charges

6-19-13            $25 charge is added to account and disconnection notice is hand delivered

7-09-13            Bill is due for current charges