Starting Utility Services


All customers are required to fill out an application form and provide a current photo ID for utility services.  Applications are available online and at the Finance Office located at 280 Georgia Avenue. 

Only individuals whose names are on the application are allowed to receive information regarding the utility account, such as billing and payment inquires.  All individuals on the application can be held responsible for delinquent or unpaid balances.  In cases when a primary applicant moves, the secondary applicant is responsible for transferring services into their name by submitting a new application, updated lease, and new deposit.

Customers are encouraged, but not required, to provide a social security number as long as another form of ID is available.  Social security numbers are kept secure and confidential.  They are used only to verify identity.

Property Owners

Property owners are defined as any person or persons who have ownership of land on which services are provided and whose ownership is defined by the deed for that property.  Customers who own a mobile home or any other non-permanent residence and who lease the lot on which it sits are not considered to be an owner.

 Property owners are not required to pay a deposit for utility service, but must pay any outstanding bills in full prior to utility services being activated.

 Executors of estate, individuals with power of attorney, and real estate agents may also be considered property owners and may establish utilities without a deposit being required.  Only an individual who provides proof of power of attorney, along with a current photo ID, can establish utilities in another person’s name.  Property owners are required to complete a new application any time there is a change of name on the account from tenant to owner or vice versa.


Renters are defined as any person(s) residing at a property where service is provided and who is not identified as an owner by the property deed.  Individuals living at a residence they do not own, regardless of having signed a formal lease agreement or paying rent, are considered renters.  Individuals who have entered into a lease-to-own agreement or who are temporarily sub-leasing a property are also considered renters.

Renters must provide a signed lease agreement along with their application.  If a formal lease agreement is not provided by the property owner, a written statement is required as proof of occupancy.  The written statement must include the names of those responsible for utility services, the full and exact address of the property, the date of move in, and the signatures of both property owner and tenant(s).

 As with property owners, renters must also pay any delinquent accounts in full prior to utility services being activated.

Connection Fee

All customers are subject to a one-time, non-refundable $25.00 connection fee to be charged on the first bill.  This connection fee is applied to all customers – new and existing – who are establishing services for an address whether it be a new construction, part-time residence, or transfer of existing services into another customer’s name.  The connection fee is separate from any deposits or tap fees that may apply.

Transfering Utility Services

Existing customer’s wishing to transfer services from one residence to another are required to pay their current account in full prior to transfer.  The customer must also submit all the necessary information as required to establish utility services, including a new application, lease, photo ID, and deposit fee.  Deposit fees are not transferable from one address to another.

Property owners are also required to fill out a new application each time utilities are transfered from renter back to owner.

Deposit Fees

Deposit fees are non-negotiable. Renters are required to pay a deposit in full prior to services being activated. 

Deposits vary according to:


  • Zoning - residential or commercial
  • Service(s) provided at a location - water and/or electric
  • Type of heat source - oil or electric
  • Location of the property - inside or outside city limits



Residential   Property

Commercial   Property

Water   – Inside



Water   – Outside



Electric   – Oil Heat



Electric   – Electric Heat




Deposits are payable via cash or check at the Finance Office located at 280 Georgia Avenue.  Deposits are not payable online.  Application, copy of photo ID, and a check for the deposit (payable to Town of Waynesville) can be submitted by mail to:

 Town of Waynesville

P.O. Box 100

Waynesville, NC 28786


Deposit fees may be waived based on payment history if all of the following criteria are met:

  • The customer has had services with the Town of Waynesville or another utility provider consecutively for the preceding 12 months
  • In those 12 months the customer has had no more than one (1) late payment
  • In those 12 months the customer has not received a disconnection notice
  • In those 12 months the customer has not had any returned checks
  • The customer’s previous account is paid up in full

Deposits are refundable but non-interest bearing.  After 12 consecutive months of service, customers may request a refund.  A full refund will be given if the account has met the above criteria pertaining to the preceding 12 months.

If a deposit refund is not requested, the deposit will remain on the account and be applied to the final bill after the account is closed.  If a deposit does not cover the balance left owing on an account, the customer is sent a final bill.  If the deposit results in a credit, the customer will be issued a refund check payable to the primary applicant.  Processing time is 2-3 weeks for checks.