Waynesville/Lake Junaluska Proposed Merger

In 2011 the Lake Junaluska Assembly issued a Municipal Study, which outlined all of the options available to the Assembly and its residents, as they considered the future of public works functions of the Assembly.

One of the options outlined in the study was a consolidation between Lake Junaluska area and the Town of Waynesville.  In order to more thoroughly review all of the options, Lake Junaluska created a Municipal Study Task Force in early 2012.

All of the minutes, presentations, and more from the Taskforce, are available here, from the website of the Lake Junaluska  Assembly Public Works.

Town of Waynesville Study  

As Lake Junaluska's Municipal Study Task Force met in 2012, the Town of Waynesville began a review process too, in case consolidation by the Town of Waynesville continued to be an option.

The firm Martin-McGill was hired in December 2012 to evaluate the impact of consolidation on the Town organization and budget.  The Board of Aldermen received a presentation from Martin-McGill at their planning retreat on February 22, 2013, and it may be viewed here.

View the status of the North Carolina General Assembly Bill here, Waynesville/Lake Junaluska Proposed Merger Boundary Exhibit Map here, and the staff report and maps here.