Discontinuing Utility Services

Canceling Services

Customers may close an account by notifying the Finance Department by calling 828-456-3515, emailing one of the customer service representatives, or requesting cancellation in person at 280 Georgia Avenue.  Only customers listed on an account can request that it be closed.  A relative, executor of estate, or property manager may request services be terminated in situations where a customer is deceased. Customers may be asked to provide certain information to verify identity.  It is also recommended that a forwarding address be provided to ensure the final bill or deposit refund is mailed correctly.

Final Bills/Refunds

After closing an account, customers will receive a final bill for any usage between the time of the previous meter reading and the time of the final reading.  Any deposits on the account will be applied prior to being final billed.  Customers with a credit remaining after the final bill will receive a refund check for the difference made payable to the primary applicant only.  A refund check typically takes 2-3 weeks to process.

 Any unpaid bills will be subject to collection proceedings.  Sixty days following the closing of an account, a letter will be sent in an attempt to notify the customer of collection procedures and collect the debt owed.  Unpaid bills remaining after thirty days following notification will be submitted to the North Carolina Debt Set-Off Program for collections. Through the Debt Set-Off program, debts over $50.00 are withheld from state income taxes and/or any state lottery winnings.