Development Services

The Development Services Department provides services related to land use and community planning.   This includes administration of zoning, building inspections, code compliance, minimum housing, subdivision, floodplain administration, and sedimentation and erosion control regulations and permits. 

Reaching Us

The Development Services Department is located in Town Hall, 9 South Main Street, and immediately to the right from the Town Hall lobby. The Hours of operation are Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.  (828) 456-8647.

Chelle Baker, Administrative Assistant, permit applications and fees, minutes for the Planning Board, Historic Commission, Public Art Commission and Zoning Board of Adjustment

(828) 356-1172

Elizabeth Teague, Development Services Director

(828) 456-2004

Byron Hickox, Land Development Administrator, manages zoning, sign, and grading permits, Code Enforcement Official 

(828) 452-0401, (828) 734-3946

Jesse Fowler, Planner, Site Plan Review, Long Range Planning, Code Enforcement Official, temporary use permits

(828) 456-8647 Ext 2405

Tom Maguire, Senior Building Inspector, Code Enforcement Official

(828) 456-1173, (828) 476-7108

David Kelley, Building Inspections, Code Enforcement

(828) 356-1177, (828) 734-6833

Jody Nichols, Building, Fire Inspections, Nuisance Ordinance.

(828) 456-2010, (828) 734-7124

The Planning Division of the Development Services Department handles planning reports and special studies, revisions and amendments to the unified development ordinance (Land Development Standards), geographic information systems mapping support and land subdivision review and approval. Our goal is to engage the public in future decision-making that protects property values and preserves the historic character of Waynesville while promoting “progress with vision.” 

The Division provides staff support to the Planning Board, Board of Adjustment, and Historic Preservation Commission.  Division staff represents the Town on the Technical Coordinating Committee of the French Broad River Metropolitan Planning Organization (transportation planning) and the Haywood Greenways Advisory Council. 

For information on long range plans, see “Planning Documents, Reports and Maps.” 

The Development Guidelines and Zoning rules for the Town of Waynesville are found in the Land Development Standards, which may be searched by accessing the Town Ordinances.

For information regarding the Town’s Land Development Standards, the Comprehensive Plan and other long range planning initiatives for the Town, please contact our Offices.


Fees for all Planning and Building Inspection functions are set annually as part of the Town’s budget process, and are available as part of the full fee schedule.

2018/2019 Full Fee Schedule

The goal of Code Enforcement Division is to preserve and enforce the general welfare, safety, and sanitary standards for Waynesville’s citizens, neighborhoods, and businesses through the enforcement of town ordinances and state statutes. To achieve this goal, the office handles a wide variety of issues and complaints inside the corporate limits of Waynesville.

Report an issue

A complaint may be made in person, in writing, or over the phone. You are not required to identify yourself. Information required for the inspectors to investigate, includes the address or detailed location of the issue, and suspected violations.

  • Code enforcement issues or suggestions may be reported 24/7 through Action Line. A tracking number will be assigned which will allow you to track the status of your request online.
  • Or you may stop by the Development Services Department at 9 South Main Street, Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
  • Give us a call at (828) 456-2010

    What Happens Next

    An inspector will visit the property to make an inspection.  If a violation (or multiple violations) is discovered, will document the violations and send a notice to the property owner. Violations are the responsibility of the property owner/landlord, not the tenant. If a violation is not corrected within the specified amount of time, civil penalties and/or property liens may be initiated.

    Common Issues (with Town ordinance citation)

    Grass and Weed Overgrowth (Section 26.51)

    No owner, lessee, possessor or occupant of any property situated in the Town and within 50 feet of another person's property occupied as a residence or business shall allow or maintain on any such property any growth of weeds and/or grass to a height of over ten (10) inches.

    Accumulation of Solid Waste (Section 44.2)

    No person may cause, suffer or permit refuse to accumulate or remain on premises under his control except for collection by the Town or some other licensed refuse hauler. It shall be the duty of all owners, proprietors, or persons in charge of every business of every kind and description, and of every office, private residence, and all other buildings or premises to keep such free from all refuse, building materials, bulky items, hazardous waste and industrial waste.

The Building Inspections Division is responsible for the enforcement of local and State Building Codes.  Our goal is to ensure safety and provide good customer service for those seeking permits within the jurisdiction of the Waynesville.

When a person, firm or corporation erect, construct, enlarge, install, alter, repair, move, improve, remove, convert or demolish any building, structure or service system, they must first apply for and obtain a building permit and land development (zoning) permit.

If you are a new business seeking to move into an existing space without doing alterations (other than painting), you must obtain an Occupancy Inspection and verify zoning compliance.  Application Forms may be downloaded from the Town website.

Not sure if what you are planning requires a permit? Give us a call to talk about your project or to make an appointment to meet with a building inspector at 828-456-8647

     -Requests for inspections must be made before 9:15am for same day inspections.

     -Requests received after 9:15 am will be scheduled for the following work day.



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